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Jul - 2011


Written by Derek Dendievel

In 2004, I managed to cram my very tall body into the chair of a very small desk and hack away at design and development projects all hours of the day and night. I didn’t intend to sit still in that little chair very long, though. I had plans from the start to build the kind of company that could take on just about any web-related project and do it as well as the top design firms in the world, for even the largest corporations on earth. I didn’t want a company that delivered the same-old trendy designs but one that looked at everything it did with a fresh perspective, taking projects far past what clients expected or imagined. Doing what looked impossible on a daily basis.

Sometimes, from small desks very big dreams grow.

And it happened. As I hired great people and moved to new quarters, my larger office suddenly seemed too small, so we moved again. And that one became too small. I now run an interactive agency of 15 people (and I’m still hiring) serving Fortune 500 companies, and smart businesses of all sizes from Australia to the United States—we’ve got projects running on every continent (except the ones populated mostly by penguins and polar bears.) Just as I envisioned, we’re delivering projects that are a true adventure to work on, yet are as solid as a rock.

So, what’s new at Digiti?

Our blog

This is our initial venture into blogging, after working on so many NDA-shrouded projects. I’ll be spilling the secrets of how to build a successful business. Every member of the team will contribute posts on a wide range of topics, from how to tame Python, to the details behind our inventive projects, to the tips we’ve learned as we tackle complex motion or mobile projects. In fact, mobile is rapidly becoming a strong focus of our work at Digiti.

Our site

We are launching this gorgeous website. Walk through it to take just a peek at the sort of projects we’ve produced. I’d like to thank my entire team for creating this amazing virtual experience. I have to say that I’m proud to work with such a high-energy (it’s the chocolate), multitalented, always reliable, brilliant team who always seem to be many steps ahead of the crowd. They live and breathe this stuff. For most of them, their idea of a good time after work is to stay up late working on their own projects, because creative design and development is more than a job for them. They delight in doing it. They’re driven to be better every day.

Our ever-evolving team

We want to make sure that you know we’re looking for new talent. This is an exuberant, imaginative team doing thoughtful design and development in an atmosphere of ordered freedom. What do I mean by that? I like to hire the right people and then set them free to do great things. Sound good to you? We’d be happy to hear from you.

Our building

For many years we’ve performed a large portion of our work behind the walls of large corporations. We have wonderful clients like Johnson & Johnson, TNT, the Belgian government, and Veolia. We’ve had other clients, too, but we’re entering a new era in our growth. We’re now ready to swing our doors wide open and invite in the entire world.

Let’s talk about those doors. We’re completing the final touches on a 460 square meter office with every detail designed as carefully as we design sites and apps. In future posts, we’ll talk about the process of designing it and give you a look at the results of our decisions.

Our upcoming events

We almost ready to party! As soon as the last piece of new equipment is plugged in and buzzing along, we’ll be celebrating. We hope you’ll attend our launch party as we uncork the champagne and break open the Belgian beer (of course!). This sleek, modern, and inspirational place will be not just our home but a place to share with the community as we host Barcamps, Mobile events, and web community gatherings, beginning this autumn.

Our invitation to you

We’re extending a warm welcome to you. We’re in Zoersel, which is relatively near Antwerp, Belgium. But as we say on our site, we actually live on the web. You can stay in touch via Twitter, RSS and Facebook. If you’re in another country, please give us a call. If you’re visiting Belgium or live here, we’d love to meet you—to say hello and give you a tour, to have you drop by and talk over a cup of coffee, or to give you a taste of the things we can do in the mobile “space” or with any project that would help your company enter its own new era.